Public Sector

The public sector’s mission is to serve the citizens’ needs, whether they are national, regional or local. Whatever the service, it has to be delivered transparently, secure and in a clean and easy way that improves the quality of life for the citizens. Doing so, they have to manage the resources in the most efficient way possible on preset criteria.

We offer solutions for every aspect of administration, data and document management, information flow, human workflow and much more. Strengthen the connection between you and the public by new and improved digital solutions that help you provide the best service you can for your community.

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The sport industry is an important revenue generator in the world economy with people, activities and businesses having a big involvement in producing, facilitating, promoting and organizing activities focused on competitions.

GEBS can provide you with complete solutions that help you organize and easily maintain a fair play competition whether it’s on a local or international scale. We tailor and create specific solutions for your needs whether you’re organising a competition or managing an entire sport club: from membership registration to results gathering, hosting and displaying data on multiple platforms.

Transportation / Fleet tracking

With population growth and increasing mobilization, travel and transportation providers need greater insight from information to improve operational efficiency and the end-to-end customer experiences. Optimising assets, infrastructure and capacity is vital.

When it comes to transport and fleet tracking, operators have the responsibility to manage increasingly complex transportation systems while having to provide safer and affordable mobility at the same time. They must deal with issues related to capacity and congestion, operational efficiency and reliability, structural and competitive concerns and let’s not forget safety.

Bearing this in mind, GEBS can offer you transport-specific solutions involving enterprise asset management, advanced planning, scheduling and fleet management. Furthermore, we can provide you with solutions for fleet tracking: whether it’s for the public – online, so they can see the exact location of the public transport they want to take – or private – an enclosed platform to see the location of your vehicles.

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The internet changed commerce forever, now mobile technology is changing it again. To compete in today’s market you have to use the potential offered by the internet at its best. Whether you are looking to launch a new e-commerce business or you want to find out how you can use your existing one to its full potential, we can offer you a solution.

We can help you increase sales, convert leads, get repeat business, track your orders and inventories, reduce your costs, increase your security, and improve people’s shopping experience all around. Embracing the latest e-commerce development and interfaces, we develop great e-commerce systems for websites and mobile devices – including iPad, iPhone and Android phones and tablets.

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Human Resources

When it comes to Human Resources you need to track, manage, and store information. You have to stream HR processes and always have company files at hand. Basic HR tasks as updating records, managing company benefits and reporting are all essential features to HR administrators.

By using our expertise in data management and our experience in the HR sector, we can provide you with efficient solutions to improve your HR department. We have experience in building profiling tools, with complex surveys builders and results management. This way you save time, money and make your data seamlessly integrate with any of your needs.

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