Mobile App Development

We develop applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, cross platform HTML5 application and Blackberry market in all areas from entertainment to finance, transportation to business management and so on. We focus on building Native Applications that take advantage of the platform, perform well, and provide a premium user experience.

You can hire us to design and develop a new mobile app from scratch. Or, you can hire us to fill in the gaps. You may have an early-stage product that is starting to see traction from customers. You want to add features, fix bugs, and keep moving forward.


We enhance our core experience with a deep understanding of the technologies needed to create superior apps:

  • Client-Server interactions
  • Accelerometer
  • Web service integration
  • Video Recording and playback
  • Custom Mapping
  • Game Development
  • Physics Simulation
  • Custom Controls
  • Magazine Technology
  • Advertising Technology
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Integration
  • Photo integration and manipulation
  • Geolocation

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