Modernize your enterprise to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and provide overall tracking of your fleet.

With population growth and increasing mobilization, travel and transportation providers need greater insight from information to improve operational efficiency and the end-to-end customer experiences. Optimising assets, infrastructure and capacity is vital.

When it comes to transport and fleet tracking, operators have the responsibility to manage increasingly complex transportation systems while having to provide safer and affordable mobility at the same time. They must deal with issues related to capacity and congestion, operational efficiency and reliability, structural and competitive concerns and let’s not forget safety.

With our fleet management solutions, managers can take the pulse of their organization at any given point in time. While your passengers get up-to-the-minute arrival information they can access at stops, while on a bus, at home or at work. The result: enhanced service for your riders, and improved efficiency for your organization.

Case study

Our client needed a way to manage and monitor the entire public transport of the city. We developed City Pulse, a complete solution, from hardware to software, that communicates with a website and a mobile application giving the user detailed information about the buses in Tórshavn.

We developed a public website and a free mobile app, where you can see the exact position of the buses and their time of arrival or delay at a specific station, or see the new position of the bus if it’s detoured from it’s route.

For the bus drivers we created a mobile application that dynamically assigns their route at the beginning of the day. When the bus driver starts the application and connects to the bus sensor, the bus automatically appears on the map and you can track its progress.

We made it easy to generate reports and statistics like passenger count, delays per station or any other type of statistics the city council needs to.

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