Transform your business plans into effective products and systems

Whatever your visions or challenges are we will ensure that we deliver the solution so you can achieve and exceed your business objectives.


We have invested a lot of time and experience to make sure we deliver qualitative products promptly. By building on known and proven methods and standards, we offer customizable quality solutions.

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Our products

We like to invest our money in ideas we believe. Using our know-how in various domains, we came up with solutions for common problems and needs that we implemented into our own products.

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Custom solutions

We develop new applications and system integrations, but we also offer development of new possibilities, upgrades and interfaces for existing applications as well as migration of information systems. Our goal is to offer customized, professional solutions based on your business needs.

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GEBS Reporting Services

We know about document generation. We deliver automated reporting services for generating compliance documentation and custom solutions to help organizations understand and improve their processes across all phases of the systems development lifecycle.

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Whatever business platform, product or tool you’re thinking of, our expertise will ensure that each project delivers maximum results.

Web application

Mobile App

Web services
& Integrations

Web application development

Web solutions open up the unlimited possibilities of the web to your business. We can work together to create a system and interface that works for you, performing to meet your objectives. We have the right programming skills to build stable, safe and scalable web applications.

Mobile App Development

Whether you want to expand your market and reach new customers, or find smarter and easier ways to do business, our team of developers will help you unlock the potential of mobile applications. We develop applications for iOS or Android for all industry areas. We focus on building Native Applications that take advantage of the platform, perform well, and provide a premium user experience.

Web Services & Integrations

We have a team of senior software engineers with extensive knowledge of various frameworks and technologies. We cover the full-cycle process of development: design, architecture, development, integration, implementation, customization, consulting and support.


We have experience working on projects with EU Funding and we are willing to cooperate with other partners.

Public Sector

We offer solutions for every aspect of administration, data and document management, information flow, human workflow and much more. Strengthen the connection between you and the public by new and improved digital solutions that help you provide the best service you can for your community.


We can help you keep in touch with your clients and have them up to date with all the legal changes that affect them directly. Every client can select the group of laws that he wants to be up to date with, get specific advice on how to deal with the changes and how this will affect his business. All made available through an online platform that you can customize to best fit your needs.Read more


We can help you increase sales, convert leads, get repeat business, track your orders and inventories, reduce your costs, increase your security, and improve people’s shopping experience all around. Embracing the latest e-commerce development and interfaces, we develop great e-commerce systems for websites and mobile devices. Read more


We can provide complete solutions that help you organize and easily maintain a fair play competition whether it’s on a local or international scale. We tailor and create specific solutions for your needs whether you’re organising a competition or managing an entire sport club: from membership registration to results gathering, hosting and displaying data on multiple platforms.


We have created an automated online generation solution that unifies the document generation process for System Engineers and Technical Writers, providing the possibility to schedule the document generations. Our solution has a very simple architecture and it is a one click solution. Read more


We deliver automated reporting services for generating compliance documentation and custom solutions that help organizations understand and improve the process across all phases of systems development lifecycle.


We can offer you transport-specific solutions involving enterprise asset management, advanced planning, scheduling, fleet management and fleet tracking (whether it’s for the public – online, so they can see the exact location of the public transport they want to take – or private – an enclosed platform to see the location of your vehicles). Read more


By using our expertise in data management and our experience in the HR sector, we can provide you with efficient solutions to improve your HR department. We have experience in building profiling tools, with complex surveys builders and results management. This way you save time, money and make your data seamlessly integrate with any of your needs. Read more


We have developed a ready-to-use platform that allows you to create proximity marketing in a simple and effective way. It features a lot of creative templates that makes it user friendly and gives you the freedom of creating unique and engaging campaigns.

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We have accessed European Funding in the past and we are willing to cooperate with other partners.

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